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Customer Avatar Part 2 – The Media Kit Trick

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Your Customer Avatar is a big part of step 1 in the Free How To Make Money Online Course:

If you missed part one, watch it first, here:

Part 3 of the "Creating Your Customer Avatar" tutorial is here –

Also, there is a new customer avatar tutorial for 2020 here –

The new updated version includes the 'how to research' your customer avatar and 4 separate avatar worksheets for you!

To access the customer avatar worksheets, go here:

In this video you will learn how to leverage the research done by multi-million dollar media corporations about your potential audience, for free.

This information is readily available, you just need to know where to go to find it! …And that is exactly what we cover in this video training.

This will give you a very clear understanding of who your average customer is so you can continue to create and refine your customer avatar.

Having a clear picture of who you are speaking to with your content allows you to quickly make a connection with them and to build trust since you deeply understand who they are and their situation.

People only buy from people they like, so this audience research and getting clear on your customer avatar is an important step in the process of building your business online.

Honestly, many of the people who 'tried and failed' or 'dabbled' in internet marketing and now say 'That stuff doesn't work' simply skipped over the audience research and customer avatar creation process and their messaging never connected with their intended audience.

But you are smart… You are here, learning what steps to take so you can build a real, long-term business online… Good on ya!

For this video we continue to look into the Golf and Diabetes niches that we were using as examples from part one in this series and from the niche selection series.

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