How To Build Your Business Online If You Have More Time Than Money

How To Build Your Business Online If You Have More Time Than Money

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This video is all about starting a business with no money. If you are looking for the list of tools I used to build my business online starting with under $100, go here:

This is exactly the situation I was in when I started my business. I had nearly $50,000 in student loan debt and I had been out of work. I sold my vehicle and moved back in with my parents and borrowed theirs…

Not my proudest moment.

But out of this challenge came a burning desire to make this work, once and for all. So I hustled and hustled and hustled.

I got a full time job that required me to commute for over 2 hours per day… And when I got home I worked another 4-6 hours every night.

I worked every weekend for at least 8 hours per day… Sometimes 12 – 16 hours.

I barely had enough money to afford a hosting package and I had no idea how to install wordpress, a theme or anything to do with web development or internet marketing.

I didn’t care… I was committed.

I tell you this story above because you may need to know, for real… That I literally started with nothing but an idea and a burning desire.

I scrounged up $100 for my first web hosting package and domain name and dug in… From that, my lean startup was formed and now it supports my wife and I to live the life of our dreams.

I’m 100% serious when I say you can do this… I don’t care about your past, your history or the story you’ve been telling yourself about ‘why it is different for you’… Its not.

You gotta dig deep… You MUST figure out “Why” you will overcome any and all obstacles to figure it out once and for all.

That, my friend… Is the secret to guaranteeing your success online. I go deeper on that topic in this video:

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Then get your hustle on!

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