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My Six-Figure Membership Funnel Hacks – The Best Marketing Funnel For Your Membership Websites

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These marketing funnel hacks are designed to increase the performance and revenue for your membership site, fast.

I first wrote about this membership funnel on my blog, here:

The trick to this membership specific marketing funnel is how you position the trial offer for your membership and follow it up with the annual one time offer upsell.

The dollar trial is a brilliant strategy to create a very low cost of entry for customers while the annual up-sell creates strong cashflow fast that allows you to increase the marketing budget and scale your campaigns quickly.

I used Clickfunnels in conjunction with Stripe to build out this membership funnel that has generated over six figures in revenue in the first year.

You can watch a video where show Clickfunnels membership site examples that make money here:

Getting this membership site setup on Clickfunnels was quite simple. If you are not currently using clickfunnels, I recommend checking out their 14 day free trial, here:

Membership websites are definitely one of the most powerful additions to your online business.

They create ongoing revenue that you can depend on… They eliminate the ups and downs sometimes associated with marketing one-off products or affiliate programs.

Creating steady income online became a lot easier when we built out our first membership funnel, so if you don't have a membership site yet and are selling online, start laying the groundwork for your own membership program.

If you are an affiliate marketer, find affiliate programs that offer ongoing commissions for membership programs and join them! You are able to get the income benefits of a membership program without the work involved in creating it.

All in all, this funnel here has accounted for the most note-worthy growth in my business in the last 5 years and is now a core pillar of my online business.

…Now you know the secret! So get on with it and start building your membership site, now!